Linking Policy

I am always flattered and gratified when other sites link to my blog. However in the interest of good journalism and science, these are the types of organizations I DO NOT want or authorize to link to my blog.

1) Conspiracy theory blogs, religious organizations, or blogs that promote sensationalism at the expense of science.
2) Sites or organizations that promote pseudo-science or use my blog to promote apocalyptic end-of world scenarios.
3) SEO companies or Web Development companies using links to line their pockets with gold.
4) Tabloid news organizations.

You get the picture. Please, if you represent any of the aforementioned blogs, please note you do NOT have my authorization to link to any articles on this blog using RSS, HTML Hyperlinks, or otherwise. This blog only has my authorization for linking/republicaiton to sites that DO NOT PROMOTE PANIC, or use me for their own financial gain. If you like my site, please visit it, but know that I do review my audience, and the traffic sources and will pursue action if I feel any of these terms or conditions are violated.

Thank you for playing fair!