Monday, December 29, 2014

Super busy but will post again soon!

To my readers:

Thanks for staying tuned. I recently went through a large job change, and had some family emergencies to take care of, as well as the holidays. I will be resuming posts again shortly.

I have not updated blogs regarding Fogo, Bardarbunga, or the Nevada quake swarm because nothing really has changed, and things continue as they have been.

Fogo and Bardarbunga continue to erupt at this time with no signs of change. Fogo volcano has swallowed up more villages on the volcano floor, including some historic towns over 100 years old. Bardarbunga's lava field is now about 80+ sq km in area, and caldera subsidence slowly continues, although current data isn't available due to equipment loss and weather conditions for Iceland Met Office.

The Nevada quake swarm is still ongoing, and USGS is installing new equipment. Quakes of mag 1.0-4.7 have occurred.

If you're looking for some quick volcano updates for the week, the Smithsonian GVP is a great place for current info at their Weekly Report section.

I'll be back on 'the job' after New Years.

Have a great holiday season everyone!