Saturday, November 9, 2013

Philippine Islands Struck By Massive Cyclone, Help

Not my typical post, but I have some extended family on my fiance's side in the Philippines and the island nation needs everyone's help. Mere weeks after a devastating 7.0 earthquake, and many aftershocks, the Philippines were hit by a MASSIVE cyclone, perhaps one of the biggest storms in historical times, and this has basically leveled the buildings, destroyed thousands of families, and created a living hell for these people.

It is imperative that the global community get moving by donating goods, and money to charities to help the stricken archipelago, and its people. Already the death toll is at approximately 1,500 and rising. This is the worst natural disaster since the Japanese 9.0 earthquake and subsequent tsunami, and this will get worse for the next month or so.

These are some of the dangers likely to be faced after this disaster. All help, and donations are needed.

- Exposure to the elements; It is clear from photographs and eyewitness accounts that the devastation is total. In the path of the storm, no structures were able to survive intact. People will be outside at all times...
-Infection, disease; standing water, no dry land, and other complications will make things like diarrhea, fevers, mosquitoes, infections, etc very problematic. Antibiotics and fresh water will be scarce.
-Injuries; many thousands of people have been injured. Doctors and facilities will be needed.

Please find a charity and donate to it. My recommendation is to donate to more local charities rather than places like the Red Cross who use a great amount of your donation for overhead. Smaller charities have less overhead, but do be careful that they are not run as a scam... this is an unfortunate reality of the Internet. Thank you to everyone who can help.