About The Author

This blog's purpose is to publish new and interesting news updates on volcanic activity worldwide, as well as significant earthquakes, and tsunamis. The author (me) is not a certified, degree holding geologist. I am a computer expert, and volcano enthusiast who has a great admiration for science and particularly, volcanology. I have studied (on my own via books, Internet, travel, and other research) volcanoes for approximately 20 years and have a great understanding of geological processes as they pertain to volcanic activity. Although again, I am not a degree-holding geologist.

My main profession is in I.T. where I work as a Systems Administrator. One of my projects, is the marking of all volcanic centers on planet Earth, extinct or active, in Google Earth KMZ format. This has so far taken me approximately 12 years, and I've barely touched the submarine volcanoes! You can certainly request a copy of this, as I consider it a public work, but please never take credit for it.

The real purpose of this blog is to provide frequent, non-sensationalized blogging using scientific data, USGS observations, and direct links to reports as a means of reporting. I try as much as possible to avoid speculation or prediction, but of course, sometimes that's not so bad.

I gather my data from various sources including USGS, news sites, other blogs, direct webcam and seismograph observations, official international sources, and most importantly the real-time Google Earth/USGS plugin. On occasion, I directly interview USGS scientists for direct quotes.

This blog is a donation of my time to you, the public, the world. So please support these efforts by using the ads on my page if you see a product you like. This is how this blog stays in business. You can also support the blog by linking to it, or posting it to social media. Every little bit helps.