About The Author

This blog's purpose is to publish new and interesting news updates on volcanic activity worldwide, as well as significant earthquakes, and tsunamis. The author (me) is not a certified, degree holding geologist. I am an enthusiast who has a great admiration for science and particularly, volcanology. I have studied (on my own via books, Internet, travel, and other research) volcanoes for approximately 20 years and have a great understanding of geological processes as they pertain to volcanic activity.

One of my projects, which will soon be made public, is the marking of all volcanic centers on planet Earth, extinct or active, spanning the entire history of the Earth. This will be/is being done in Google Earth KMZ format,  has so far taken me approximately 5 years thus far to get what I consider to be about 80% done (only in regards to non-submarine volcanic systems).

The other purpose of this blog is to provide frequent, non-sensationalized blogging using only scientific data, USGS observations, and direct links to reports as a means of reporting. I will not, and shall not engage in bad journalism for the sake of getting a few bucks out of Google. There is plenty of bad reading on the Internet, and I want my readers to feel like someone actually did their homework without embellishment or the use of a "BS factor".

I gather my data from various sources including other blogs, direct webcam and seismograph observations, official sources, and most importantly the real-time Google Earth/USGS plugin. I post screen shots and share images from some blogs, and Google Earth/USGS, but on the occasion when donations reach the point where I can make a visit to a volcano, you will see original photography (which I will make no copyright claims to in the interest of Internet cooperation).

This blog is a donation of my time to you, the public, the world. So please, if you can donate money to keep me happy, fed, and enthusiastic about this, your donation via supporting the ad sponsors (clicking on ads) or donating a dollar via the link provided, is greatly appreciated and will only make my reports better, and more accurate as I am able to access volcanic sites around the world.

That all said, here is a bit about me. I grew up fascinated by all things scientific. My areas of extreme interest (bordering on obsession) are marine biology (particularly, sharks and rays), volcanology/geology, minerology, evolution sciences, and archaeology. By profession/trade, I am a computer network administrator for a web development company, and an I.T. consultant.

My hometown is San Diego, CA, right smack dab on the San Andreas Fault line, so earthquakes and Mexican volcanic eruptions (From Popocatepetl mainly) have always been a part of my life in this area of the world.

I was present at the time of the 7.2 magnitude quake that struck on Easter of 2010, and witnessed firsthand both the awesome power of geological processes, and also how a town can be damn near impervious to the effects of a strong quake. California has some of the world's strictest building codes in regards to earthquakes, and we rode out this quake like it was a mere nuisance. It is my belief that raising awareness of natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanoes, and tsunami, that we can better prepare ourselves and the governments of the world to meet these unforseen disasters with expert advice, and proper planning/coordination.

While I do take pride in my work, the public, and the "netizens" of the world may feel free to republish, share, disseminate, or use my work however you feel. Just don't use it to be evil, or ever quote my work in a sensationalist piece... actually, now that I think about it: The only people/organizations NOT authorized to quote my work are: The Daily Mail, The BBC, and Fox News/Newscorp (because they have consistently used volcanic eruptions of little consequence to scare people).

Thank you for being interested in volcanoes, and thank you for reading my blog.