Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Katla Volcano Has Strong Quakes {UPDATED}

Katla volcano under the Myrdalsjökull glacier just had a magnitude 4.4 quake with many smaller tremors. This is the strongest quake at Katla in the latest unrest which has seen swarms occurring weekly. Katla is thought to be primed for an eruption at any time. Webcam views of Katla are not clear at this time due to fog, so it's impossible to see what is going on. Since this quake sequence just now occurred, it will take some time for Iceland Meteorological Office to give any statement.

Screenshot from Iceland Meteorological Office showing large quake swarm at Katla.

I will update this post as the sequence continues.

*****UPDATE 7/28/2017 *****

After a 3.0 magnitude quake at Katla, harmonic tremor (read: fluid movement and/or magma) is on the rise. You can track the tremor here: 
Tremor is continuing to rise and so far is not showing signs of stopping. This could very well lead to an eruption within hours (or days). Now is a good time to keep your eye on Katla, you can watch the webcam feed of it here (note, you may need to use an older browser such as Internet Explorer to view the cam feed as newer browsers have ceased to support Flash): 


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    1. No evacuations will be necessary quite yet. Road closures and some tourist roads have been closed due to the flooding.

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