Sunday, November 23, 2014

Fogo Volcano Erupts


Pico Do Fogo volcano, one of the Cape Verde islands, erupted about 4 hours ago, INVOLCAN's Facebook account reported.

No more information is available quite yet. A Google search turns up no news yet. The posted video showed a small ash plume a few thousand feet (estimated) high. The eruption does not appear to have occurred from the summit, so it could be a cinder cone building event. I will post more updates as they come in.

Fogo volcano last erupted in 1995, with a cone building event on its WSW flank. This event appears to be similar. 

Youtube video of the eruption of Fogo, 2014.

UPDATE: 11/25/2014

You can view footage of the eruption now on INVOLCAN's Facebook page. It appears to be a cone building event with a large lava flow at this time. People were evacuated out of the caldera area, and footage shows what appears to be a large amount of gas. Footage shows what appears to be large lava flows of 'clinker' (also called a'a' lava) destroying some brick buildings, so it does appear there has been some property damage. To my knowledge there have been no injuries or casualties.

Video news (in Portuguese) can be seen here

Youtube video of eruption plume (this is the small light blue area in the center screen)

Youtube video of lava destroying property and advancing.

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