Monday, August 18, 2014

Rare Lava Lake At Shishaldin Volcano

Alaska's Shishaldin volcano has apparently formed a lava lake deep within its summit crater, making it one out of only several active lava lakes on the planet. AVO's current update has the volcano remaining at aviation code 'orange', and eruptive activity has remained stable. AVO states:

"Low-level eruptive activity continues. Sound waves are currently being detected from the direction of Shishaldin on infrasound sensors located on Akutan Island. These signals are consistent with low-level activity at the volcano. No actvity (sp) has been detected in mostly cloudy Satellite images and web camera views are obscured by weather. No significant activity noted in seismic data."

Picture from AVO showing the small lava lake within Shishaldin's summit crater. (Credit Cyrus Read)

Shishaldin volcano is one of Alaska's most active volcanoes. A beautifully symmetrical volcano on Alaska's Unimak Island, far from any human population. The mian danger from this volcano could be unexpected ash emission, which would potentially be harmful to aircraft. However, the presence of a stable lava lake makes this rather unlikely, as gas is easily vented at this time, so large explosions are a bit less likely than say, if a lava dome was forming. In any case, keep your eyes on AVO for future updates and more great photographs. I'll post another update if anything changes. 

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