Sunday, August 24, 2014

Mag 6.0 Quake Strikes California's Bay Area

A devastating mag 6.0 quake hit the bay area this morning, injuring as many as 87 people, and cutting power off for thousands. No deaths were reported. FIres in the area did break out, and damage control is underway. As I am currently covering the situation in Iceland, this will be a short blog. However CNN is covering the situation.

Below is the shake map so you can see the intensity of the quake.

Google Earth image with USGS Earthquake overlay.

This is the strongest quake to hit the area since the 1990's. California infrastructure is typically considered to be earthquake safe, however some older houses have not been retrofitted to withstand large quakes. 


More than 200 people have been confirmed injured, and there are reports of historical buildings damaged, and lots of infrastructure. They are working to restore power, and repair roads, inspect bridges, etc. Thankfully there are no reports of anyone being killed. Gov Jerry Brown declared an emergency, which releases federal funds, so recovery should be as quick as possible.

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