Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Releasing My New Volcano Database

Well, it has been literally the better part of a decade since I set out with Google Earth, the Smithsonian GVP plugin, and my spare time, but I'm about ready to release my Google Earth KMZ file to the public. But first I'd love it if someone from USGS or a related agency would give it a looksee and give me some feedback. It is far from 'comprehensive' in regards to info about the various volcanoes, vents, fissures, domes, etc that I have marked, and due to some amount of haste when marking large volcanic fields, it is definitely not 100% complete yet. But the graphic is very striking when looking at the database in all of its glory, within Google Earth.

I have found MANY volcanic fields in countries that are basically off-limits to the general scientific community and the world, like many African countries such as Congo, Nigeria, etc. as well as some in my own country that are probably either forgotten or unnoticed. In any case, the database creates a strikign visual representation of the Earths current and past volcanism (I made no distinction as to the age of the volcanoes, merely marked them with an icon). It is my hope this tool can be used for educational purposes, and scientific purposes.

In any case, if you like, I will be happy to send out a copy. I'm not using any file hosting services, so not posting a link for download just yet, the database still needs a few tweaks before I'm ready to release it in full, but I'm happy to share it.

If you leave a comment below (don't worry, it won't be published), it will go to my Blogger dashboard and I can email it to you through there. It is not a large file size, and I PROMISE it does not contain any nasty Internet bugs!

I look forward to some feedback!

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  1. Hi, I wouldn't mind a copy of your KML file !


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