Friday, August 30, 2013

7.0, 6.8 Quakes Strike Alaska's Aleutian Islands

A 7.0 Quake struck SE of Adak island in Alaska's Aleutian islands today, according to USGS. The quake was followed by several aftershocks, one of mag 6.6 in the immediate vicinity, and followed to the East by a 6.8 magnitude tremor. More aftershocks are likely to occur for a few days.

Google Earth/USGS image of quake location.

The initial 7.0 quake was at a depth of approximately 21.4mi. No tsunami was generated according to USGS/NOAA. This occurred along the Aleutian subduction zone, where larger quakes are quite common.

There are no major population centers near the earthquake epicenter, with the nearest populated location being Adak, a port city that serves fisherman/crabbers in the Bering Sea. No damage has been reported. 

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