Thursday, December 27, 2012

Blog Improvements

I will be making some cool improvements to the blog this coming week, and while I will probably not be posting much about current eruptions during this time, check back here to see some neat site enhancements that I have been working on. One thing you're going to notice today is that I have added's worldwide volcanic activity interactive map to the right sidebar.

This map is interactive, and shows most, if not all, worldwide volcanic activity with quick links to reports. I have been wanting this widget to work for a while, and was able to get it showing up today with a little finessing. This widget has replaced my Google donate button as it really wasn't being used, but the ads will stay as it is a minor source of money for the blog (by all means, please visit my sponsors!).

I also plan to update some of the resources section with new links to other cool volcano, earthquake, and geology related sites and blogs for your reading pleasure.

I hope everyone is having a good holiday season. More than likely I will be resuming reports after New Years (as I imagine several of my resources will as well), as right now the Smithsonian GVP is on break, and nothing really spectacular save the impressive fissure eruption at Tolbachik, Russia that is occurring (but winding down it sounds like).

See you all in 2013!


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