Saturday, September 22, 2012

Blog Changes

Apparently, Google/Blogger in their infinite wisdom has decided to completely change the Blogger interface, so I am forced to learn a new system. I am sure I will grow to like it in time, but for now, I am figuring out how to deliver the same content my past posts have delivered, with an added punch.

There is not a whole lot of new volcano news right now, mostly the usual culprits, with some interesting seismicity at a couple Alaskan, Russian, and Halmaheran volcanoes, but otherwise the usual erupting volcanoes are still doing their thing. You can see the latest report at

It is a bit likely that I will not post for a few days on the basis of figuring out how to use this new interface, and other added features. If anything major, or overly unusual occurs, I will certainly cover it.

For now, "Please excuse the mess, we are remodeling!".


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