Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Possible Resumption of Eruptive Activity at Nabro volcano, Eritrea

Nabro volcano, who's last eruption was the first ever recorded in historical time, is possibly showing signs of activity again. A blurb on Earthquake-report.com shows a picture which may or may not be a volcanic plume over Nabro (there are no other clouds in the area from what the picture shows), but from the picture it is hard to tell if the plume is from Nabro or neighboring (to the SW) volcano Mallahle, which has not had any historical eruptions (last known eruption was probably holocene but like many volcanoes in this violent region of the world, studying them is a tough prospect), so it is more likely that Nabro is showing some degassing rather than Mallahle.


The image could also just be high elevation clouds, which do occur frequently at mountain peaks during periods of lower barometric pressure and higher relative humidity at that elevation. It is impossible to say at this time whether or not this is actually an eruption plume, or just clouds. Satellites did not detect any CO2, so my guess is that this is just water vapor, but I will keep my eye on Nabro as its last eruption was spectacular, producing an over 14km lava flow and producing large clouds of ash that impacted Ethiopia and Eritrea heavily.

Reports from this region are rare, as both nations are not safe to travel to given the political and military situations over there. Any reports about this volcano will likely come from satellite observations, and nothing more as the region is not equipped with great communications, nor do they have any well funded volcano monitoring programs.


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  2. Thanks Peri, I will definitely check your blog out! Thanks for reading mine!

    I started this blog because volcanoes are a deep fascination of mine, and I love to write about the really interesting ones ;) There are a lot of great volcano blogs on the Internet, but I tend to get frustrated at ones that are translated to English, or use broken English (not that I don't appreciate the hard work of other bloggers!), so I took it upon myself to write a volcano blog that was an easier read. I hope you enjoy!


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