Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Quiet month

There isn't a whole lot going on in the volcano world this month. The usual suspects are still erupting (you can see them at, and the rest of the world for now is pretty quiet. I have not been posting blogs lately as I am still in the midst of setting up my new computer system and importing my volcano databases, earthquake monitoring programs, and other neat plugins that show what the Earth is up to.

Rest assured as anything of particular interest occurs, I will certainly post about it.

I would however like to take an opportunity to say thank you to my readers, and those who are supporting this blog. It takes a lot of energy, and contemplation to write a blog that is worthy of your time, so to those that take the time to read when I post an article, I would like to say thank you.

The lull in volcanic activity this month is always a good thing for those that live around volcanoes, except of course for communities that depend on volcano tourism. Most of the volcanoes erupting currently are volcanoes that are either in a continuous state of eruption, or are frequently in a state of unrest. There have not been many reports lately of any volcanoes that have erupted with any amount of surprise.

Cheers to that!


  1. Fortunatelly this period of time in Santorini everything seems to be calm and rest. Altough many of us wander how long will this rest last as the deformation of caldera besin is still going on slowly. We just have our fingers crossed to pass the summer quietly. Nobody knows the will of nature.

  2. Given Santorini history, I would suspect that an eruption will happen in the next decade or maybe two, but certainly not a very large eruption. Most scientists suspect that Santorini, if it did erupt, would produce an effusive/minor explosive/cone building eruption from Nea Kameni, much like the last eruption in 1950.

    I would be more concerned with the lesser-known Kolombos volcano to the NE of Santorini, because it is not listed as an active volcano in most databases, yet has had plenty of historical and tsunami causing eruptions. Recent rumblings seem to suggest that this volcano is far from dormant, and as I understand it, studies are underway currently to determine any risks. It would be very exciting however to see an eruption from either of these volcanoes, but let's hope that happens after Greece gets back on its feet again!


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