Friday, May 4, 2012

Making a Trip To A Fault Line

This weekend, my girlfriend and I will be going out to the Ocotillo Desert, a place that has active seismicity following the Easter 2010 7.4 earthquake, and the site of a recently discovered parallel fault line to the famed San Andres fault. While my trip will not be very scientific (mostly Cinco de Mayo fun) I will be posting a gallery of pictures from the area, and hopefully I get to experience one of the hundreds of small (1.0-3.0) tremors that occur on the fault daily (with of course no danger to myself or others!).

My last trip to the desert occurred on Easter of 2010. The day of the 7.4 tremblor. My cousin, my girlfriend, and myself were on a journey in the desert to explore the famed Ocotillo mud caves, but due to some large cave collapses that occurred before we arrived, we had turned around to go home, disappointed, but nonetheless relieved to be leaving the 90+ degree heat, and of course, take a nice shower (you get a bit nasty staying out in the desert for a few days!).

Literally the second I arrived back at my place (which at the time was in an area of San Diego known as Bay Park/Clairemont), I sat on the couch to relax, when all of a sudden, we all heard a rumbling noise, and then felt violent shaking. We immediately recognized this as an earthquake and promptly exited the building and went to stand on the lawn.  The next thing I knew, the ground was heaving violently back and forth, and we could literally see ripples, like waves travelling through the grass, as the land lifted up and dropped down rapidly.

From my location, the USGS said the quake would have felt more like a 6.0 than a 7.4. This particular quake was felt all the way up to Montana!

Anyway, look forward to enjoying some nice hi-resolution pictures of the Ocotillo landscape this Monday. I will be excommunicado until then!

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