Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Italy's Mt Etna Eruption Intensifies

Mount Etna on the island of Sicily, Italy's most active volcano, is in an eruptive phase again, with explosions occurring minute to minute. The webcam shows many explosive events occurring, with lava appearing quite brightly on the images. The image refreshes about twice a minute, and is not a live 'stream' so it is unfortunately difficult to get a real great picture of what's going on there. The eruptions seem to be emanating from a large cone/fissure system near the summit.

Etna has more or less been continuously active throughout human history, with frequent lava flows, cone building episodes, and paroxysmal events that keep residents on their toes. Eruptions are frequent, and occasionally dangerous, although by and large this volcano poses no threat to the surrounding community, which occasionally has to deal with "vog" (volcanic gas fog) and light ash fall on surrounding towns.

Enjoy watching the web camera, if you can't be there in person to witness the eruption!

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