Wednesday, February 1, 2012

El Hierro Eruption Back to Full Force

The eruption at El Hierro has gained much strength since yesterday. There is consistent harmonic tremor, lots of lava stones floating to the surface of the water, and increased gas emissions. The eruption is now back to the same strength more or less than when it began some months ago. The eruption has had short periods of quiescence as the magma chamber re-pressurizes and explodes after multiple collapses of the underwater vent system.

Below is a live JPG of the current harmonic tremor for today.

The past few days have seen a dramatic rise in both tremor and surface activity. For the past two days, smoking lava stones could be seen on the live webcam at La Restinga, and CO2 emissions have been steadily rising once again. By all indications, this will be a long eruption with many pauses, but ultimately resulting in either the birth of a new Canary Island. Keep your eyes peeled for its first appearance soon!

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