Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sierra, CA Earthquake Swarm Resumes

Sierra CA has experienced another minor swarm of earthquakes in the same region as the previous swarm. The previous swarm was determined to be magma dike intrusion by geologists, although the intrusion is at a fairly deep depth and has very little if no chance of breaching the surface.

The below screenshot from Google Earth with the USGS KML file enabled details the locations of the quakes. They all occur at a depth of approximately 30KM or deeper.


The Sierra swarm is of little consequence to the community aside from the periodic shakes, however if the quakes do become shallower, they will be felt more strongly. There is very little chance of a new volcano or vent opening up (but as always, it is not impossible). While this event series is NOT tectonic in nature, the depth at which it is occurring does nto signal a volcanic eruption.

There are to my knowledge, very few news agencies reporting on this, so don't hope to find anyone else on the 'net!

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