Monday, January 30, 2012

After Two Day Break, El Hierro Roars Back To Life

The last two days at El Hierro saw a calm stain on the water with few if any smoking lava stones, low harmonic tremor, and very little else. That ended this morning, when tremor again picked up, more smoking stones could be seen on the surface and emissions bounced back. El Hierro is not done yet.


Images from El Hierro Telefonica/Movistar cam.

Today's current tremor. note the large increase over the last couple of hours.

El Hierro has been doing this off and on again eruptive cycle for weeks now, if not months. This is probably related to vent collapse and re-pressurization, leading to sporadic bursts in activity. Likely this will keep going on for quite some time. Tremor is QUITE strong today, so if you have the opportunity, you should check out the cam and keep your eyes peeled for some cool activity.

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