Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Indonesia's Mount Marapi Raised To Alert Level 2

Volcanologist John Seach has reported that Indonesia's Mount Marapi (Not to be confused by Merapi), has had over 43 volcanic quakes during December 12th, prompting the government to raise the alert level to 2 (out of 4), and instituting an exclusion zone around the volcano. Marapi is the most active volcano on Sumatra, erupting nearly every year taking only 1-2 year breaks (usually). The volcano has been responsible for a few deaths in it's past due to pyroclastic flows, and lahars. Since the 1990's however, the government has been quite serious about protecting the residents through evacuations and exclusion zones.

Marapi typically erupts clouds of ash and gas, and lava flows thus far have been contained within the crater, seldom reaching outside its rim or the summit. It is one of Indonesia's most symmetrical and beautiful stratovolcanoes. If anything further develops with this volcano (and I'm sure it probably will) I will post updates, however eruptions from this volcano are fairly routine, and so are the evacuation procedures. 

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