Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Eruption At Jebel Zubair Confirmed, New Island Forms (VIDEO)

NASA has finally put the confusion to rest as to whether it was Jebel al-Tair or Jebel Zubair that was erupting in the Red Sea. NASA has posted new pictures of the new island as seen from space. Several news outlets have published the before and after pictures (link provided above), which clearly shows a brand new, steaming volcanic island in the Jebel Zubair volcanic island chain. This puts to rest any question as to what island was erupting.

The Red Sea Rift has been a bit more active lately with an eruption of Jebel al-Tair preceding the eruption at Jebel Zubair. There are no historical records of eruptions at Jebel Zubair that I am aware of, but I will check my volcano almanac tonight and this statement may change. Historical explosive activity was reported from Saddle Island in the 19th century (-GVP).

Enjoy the pictures of the new island! I can't help but be a bit miffed that I have been sitting and watching the eruption of El Hierro with the hopes of seeing the moment where the volcano breaks the surface, and then one goes and does it behind all our backs! This new island in the Jebel Zubair chain was built quite quickly, and its structure looks pretty solid from the pictures. Many new volcanoes are quickly eroded and reclaimed by the sea within days to decades, so it will be interesting to see if this is a permanent addition, or if it's going to be a temporary island.

Below is a link to good video from Yemeni TV of the new island erupting!

Video from Yemeni TV of the eruption

Pictured below are the before and after shots of Jebel Zubair:

Jebel Zubair Before Eruption

Jebel Zubair After Eruption

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