Wednesday, December 28, 2011

El Hierro Vent Back to Near Full Strength

The vent at El Hierro seems to have roared back to life, producing the biggest stain in days. Despite decrease in harmonic tremor, and occasional vent collapse, the eruption continues as of this morning. Morning images (below) from the official webcam show a stain far larger than in previous days, with vigorous bubbling and churning at the vent site. This definitively says that the eruption is not over, nor can we tell when it will stop. Just like predicting an eruption, predicting the cessation of an eruption is also a near impossible task.

Why is it so hard to know? Because we can't see underneath the volcano, nor can we tell what the underground magma currents are like. It is possible we're just seeing the start of the eruption, or that its nearly over... impossible to tell for sure. The volcano will likely keep starting and stopping for awhile... again, speculation.

In the pictures taken this morning at around 7:40am, you can clearly see the large and vigorous stain in the water. This is hydromagmatic, not degassing.

The volcano has caused some confusion in recent days, with some people claiming the eruption is at an end. The eruption is ongoing, this much is certain. After watching the cam for a few minutes this morning, it looks as if the vent is actually now much larger, as the jacuzzi area is now apparently quite large in diameter, perhaps larger than it has been previously. It is hard to tell this early in the morning, but the camera pictures are telling a very different story from the last couple of days.

Keep your eyes peeled on the cam today!

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