Friday, December 30, 2011

El Hierro Eruption Ongoing, Ejects Steaming Lava Rocks On Ocean Surface

Despite claims by a few bloggers, the eruption at El Hierro continues. captured video from Dec. 29th that clearly shows a large stain and jacuzzi, with occasional ejection of steaming lava rocks. These rocks would not simply float to the surface if there were no eruptions taking place. This confirms that the eruption, while sputtering occasionally is ongoing.

Harmonic tremor is twice what it has been in recent days, and explosions are being detected underwater. This is not simply hydrothermal as has been suggested by other blogs.

It is important, again, to note that volcanoes do not go according to blogger's schedules. The eruption will be declared dead when there is more than a week of quiescence, not before. In any case, enjoy the link to the video, where you can easily see the floating, steaming rocks! The volcano still has a shot to break the oceans surface, however given the weak level of tremor, I will agree with some that say the eruption is "slowing down"... but again, it is NOT over.

*****UPDATE 12/31/11******

El Hierro continued today to eject floating steaming lava chunks onto the surface of the water, clearly signaling that despite low harmonic tremor, it is still erupting fresh lava. The eruption CONTINUES, despite reports from other blogs, and news outlets to the contrary.

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