Tuesday, December 27, 2011

6.6 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Russia Near Mongolia Border

A shallow (4.29mi) 6.6 magnitude quake hit Russia in the state of Tuva yesterday. This area is rugged, and remote, with very little in the way of population. No damage has been reported. The nearest volcanic center is almost 150 miles away, the Oka Plateau (Holocene). This quake is tectonic, not volcanic. There will likely be some small aftershocks.

The shake map provided by USGS shows that the quake was felt far from its epicenter, if only by a few people.

If anything further develops, I will update this post.

*****UPDATE 12/28/11******

At least 5 more strong aftershocks ranging from magnitudes 4.6-4.9 have hit the area since the main quake so far. 

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