Friday, September 16, 2011

Volcanoes explained (for dummies)

Since this is the first post in what will likely be a long running blog, I'd like to introduce myself so you know who is writing these. I am a computer network engineer by trade, an amateur geologist by hobby. I have spent about the last 12 years studying volcanoes, tectonic plates, and the earth's core out of fascination with the subject. My goal here is to provide the public with a clear view of what our planet is really up to, minus the sensationalism, hype, and misinformation. I will site REAL sources of information in regards to volcanic eruptions, the study of volcanism, and earthquakes. I will however boil down most of the jargon for people who have not spent nearly as much time as myself studying the subject.

It is my hope that people can read these posts, and come out with a clear understanding of the world they live on, and the potential hazards, without the meaningless sensationalism that many news sites, and other bloggers impose on you to terrify, misinform, or use for political gain. I also aim to make this slightly entertaining, but not to the point that the science is obscured. That all being said, welcome to the blog, and I hope very much that you enjoy the read!

My first post is going to highlight GOOD sources of information in regards to earthquakes, volcanoes, and other geological forces of nature that are fundamental to understanding what our planet is up to. I will also highlight tactics that the media, and special interests use to twist these facts with opinion, innuendo, and religious rhetoric (all of which completely pervert what is a beautiful science). After these posts, news of current eruptions and earthquakes will be linked, explained, and analyzed!

Enjoy the fireworks!

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